Environmental Submission Legendary Marina & Yatch Clut at Blue Water Cay

Legendary Marina Resort at Blue Water Cay Development Project

EIA Submission

The Public is advised that the Environmental Impact Assessment document (EIA) for the Legendary Marina Resort at Blue Water Cay project has been filed with the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection (DEPP) by Legendary Marine Blue Water Cay, Ltd.
The proposed Development will be located in the Yamacraw area on the southeastern side of New Providence Island, approximately one mile to the west of the existing Palm Cay Marina. The property was previously planned as a marina development and was abandoned several years ago. Currently the property is derelict and in disrepair. The Development by Legendary Marine Blue Water Cay proposes to transform this site into a world-class marina, thereby enhancing the southeastern portion of Fox Hill Road and adding value to the entire area.
The proposed Development will include dry boat storage facility, wet marina, restaurant, hotel, retail, and short-term rental villas. The Development will generate economic activity in a variety of sectors and create many good jobs for local Bahamians. The addition of dry boat storage to New Providence Island will stimulate additional tourism in the surrounding island communities, further enhancing the economic impact of the Development on the economy of The Bahamas.

In compliance with the consultive process, a Public Consultation on the Environmental Impact Assessment was held via ZOOM on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at 6:30pm.  For a copy of the slides shown during the EIA presentation, please use the link below:

EIA Presentation 11-23-2022.pdf

The Environmental Impact Assessment document can be downloaded using the link below.

Click here to review Environmental Impact Assessment file 

The public is further invited to an in-person Public Consultation being held at the Thelma Gibson Primary School near Elizabeth Estates in the Yamacraw area, on Wednseday, December 14, 2022, beginning at 5:30pm.


The public is invited to submit written comments using the following email addresses by December 22, 2022:

Department of Environmental Protection and Planning:  inquiries@depp.gov.bs

Mark Daniels, BRON Senior Scientist:  mdaniels@bebron.com

Rodney Chamberlain, P.E.:   rchamberlain@legendaryinc.com