Blue Water Cay Marina and Wiggins Lift Co Join Forces to Craft the World’s Largest Marina Bull Forklift

Posted on: November 10, 2023 | Read Time: 2 minutes

For over twenty years, Legendary Marinas has been partnering with Wiggins Lift Co. to build some of the biggest, most durable marina forklifts in the business. We are excited to announce the continued partnership as the Legendary Marina Resort at Blue Water Cay team returns from the Wiggins Lift Co. factory in California, Where the design for the future marina’s forklifts is finalized.

A lift with this type of capability will set the Legendary Marina Resort at Blue Water Cay apart from the rest of the marina industry by providing the only lift capable of safely managing the large center consoles of today’s market and securing them in the Legendary hurricane-rated dry storage facility.

The long history of Wiggins Lift Co. in the marina space has positioned them to be a leader in forklift technology, constantly raising the bar on quality, capacity, and durability. The extensive engineering and construction time that goes into these forklift builds means the designs must be finalized at the earliest stages of construction to ensure on-time delivery.

Wiggins Lift Co Forklift and Legendary
Legendary Marina Resort at Blue Water Cay offers the ultimate protection in its dry storage facility that will withstand a Category 5 hurricane. From a dedicated marina and maintenance staff to the hands-on concierge service, the Legendary Marina will be the most sought-after marina in The Bahamas.

Legendary is not only creating the dry storage market in The Bahamas but will dominate the dry storage market in The Bahamas for the foreseeable future.

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