Blue Water Cay Dredging Ariel View

Legendary Marina Resort at Blue Water Cay is Commencing With Dredging Activities

Posted on: November 30, 2023 | Read Time: 2 minutes

Current Progress On Blue Water Cay
Dredging is an essential part of preparing a marina for the arrival of larger vessels. It involves removing sediment and other debris from the seabed to make the marina basin deeper. The excavation will provide more navigable waters and better docking facilities for boats and yachts.The Legendary Marina Resort at Blue Water Cay is currently undergoing this critical operation, signifying the progression in its construction phase. Dredging is a critical initial step that creates the marina basin and allows for subsequent marine works such as seawall construction, breakwater creation, and more. Providing a large, deepwater marina basin will offer a safer and improved marina experience for boaters in the future.

Commencing dredging activities not only marks an essential advancement in the overall building plan but also indicates a steadfast dedication to creating an enhanced marine environment. Numerous steps are taken to make certain that there are minimal environmental impacts. Additionally, close coordination with Bahamian regulatory agencies ensures responsible environmental stewardship. The owners of Legendary Marina Resort at Blue Water Cay are eager to complete the dredging so that the subsequent stages of development can continue smoothly and effectively.

Upon completion of the construction project, Legendary Marina Resort at Blue Water Cay promises to provide state-of-the-art docking facilities, including dry storage for vessels up to 55ft and yachts up to 220ft. Furthermore, it is anticipated to attract marine enthusiasts who seek peace of mind boat storage and a central location within The Bahamas, allowing short travel time to the Family Islands and bolstering local tourism and economy.

The commencement of dredging at the Legendary Marina Resort at Blue Water Cay signals considerable progress. This development is a cause for celebration for all involved in the project, as well as future patrons and visitors who will be utilizing these new facilities.

Construction View Of Dredging