Expected Impact and Future Goals mangroves

Mangrove Relocation Initiative at Legendary Marina Blue Water Cay

Posted on: January 25, 2024 | Read Time: 4 minutes

Legendary Marina Resort at Blue Water recently had a mangrove relocation activity during the final stages of dredging. As part of the activity, The Bahamas National Trust (BNT) was invited to assist with the collection and relocation process. Recognized for their unparalleled protection during extreme weather events and hurricanes, the preservation of mangroves far surpasses any man-made barrier or structure.

Bahamas National Trust Senior Scientist Giselle Dean

Bahamas National Trust Senior Scientist Giselle Dean

The Importance of Mangroves in The Bahama

Mangroves hold a position of irrefutable importance in the environmental tapestry of The Bahamas. With an uncanny ability to thrive in salty environments, these robust trees are critical to the survival of countless species of flora and fauna. They provide a much-needed sanctuary for marine and bird life, serving as a nesting site and breeding ground. However, the reach of mangroves extends beyond habitat provision. Their thick, knotted root systems are nature’s shield, curbing the onslaught of storm surges and tidal waves. This buffer not only minimizes the devastation of natural calamities but also safeguards coastal communities, earning mangroves the status of ‘guardians of the shore.’ With such high stakes riding on their survival, the conservation of mangroves becomes a matter of national priority. Their survival is integral to preserving the Bahamas’ environmental equilibrium and ensuring the safety and livelihood of its people.

Expected Impact and Future Goals mangroves

Legendary Marina Resort Blue Water Cay takes its commitment to environmental sustainability seriously. Fully aware of the significant role that mangroves play in the ecological stability of The Bahamas, the Marina is firm in its resolve to minimize any harm to these resilient trees during the final stages of its dredging operations. This display of ecological sensitivity by Legendary Marina exemplifies the vital concept of corporate environmental responsibility. Legendary Marina showcases how businesses can engage in proactive conservation efforts, and this effort is a shining example. The commitment to safeguarding mangroves is a shining example of collective action aimed at stemming environmental degradation.

Collecting Mangrove Propagules: The Initiative

What exactly are propagules? These are essentially the seedlings of mangroves, poised to grow into the life-sustaining trees that characterize The Bahamian shores. This initiative is all about giving these seedlings a fighting chance. The collected propagules are relocated to safer habitats. This ensures that they mature into the robust mangroves that play such a pivotal role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

holding a Collecting Mangrove Propagules

The Expected Impact and Future Goals

This initiative will undoubtedly leave a profound mark on the Bahamian landscape. The primary anticipated result is the protection and augmentation of the island’s mangrove population, providing a robust natural shield against harsh weather and fostering biodiversity. But the aspirations don’t stop there. The ultimate aim is to illuminate the pivotal role mangroves play in the Bahamian ecosystem and to drive home the message that each of us has a part in their preservation. With the baton of conservation in hand, Legendary Marina is hopeful that their efforts will spark similar initiatives throughout The Bahamas and serve as an ecological role model on a global scale. This isn’t just about saving trees; it’s about securing the future of our planet, one mangrove at a time.

BRON Environmental Scientist Scott Johnson saving the mangroves

BRON Environmental Scientist Scott Johnson

A local perspective from Scott Johnson. “The project is beneficial to the island of New Providence and The Bahamas at large in a few ways. The first and obvious way is that it employs Bahamians and entrepreneurs, keeping money in the country. Second, the finished product will be an attractive asset to the southeastern area of New Providence and will further employ Bahamians as managers, security officers, chefs, and other vocations. Third, the removal of thousands of pounds of casuarina and other invasive plants decreases the local abundance of problematic species in the area and on the island. Fourth, the collection of hundreds of Mangrove seedlings and propagates from the area will ensure the genetic survival of this local population, and many of these seedlings will be incorporated into restoration management projects and national parks in New Providence. So Legendary is continuing its work towards assisting Bahamians and finding the balance between the natural environment and the needs of the developer.”

Photo Credit: Azaleta Ishmael-Newry